Jan 27 2013


Here’s a quick video of the game I’m working on right now. I’ll write some more details up soon.

4 Responses to “LN39”

  • auntie anne

    LOVE IT!!! Ok, but lose the rain in the buildings. It can drip but no full on rain. You’re awesome Ian. The pick-axe is super cool. Don’t think I’ve seen that as a weapon before but I haven’t played a lot of zombie games so what do I know. I’m sure Steve would love to play the finished game. 🙂

  • Joel B

    Pretty cool. Just out of curiosity, how are you doing your shadows? I don’t notice any pixelation like a lot of other shadow mapping.

    • ian

      It’s actually just standard shadow mapping, the pixelization is actually a pretty big problem, I just spent a bit of time tweaking it manually to make it not so visible. Seems like the biggest problem is when lights have a very long range, that’s when the pixelization gets the worst.

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