Stuff I’ve Made

(A Portfolio of Sorts; wherein I very transparently show off)

Game Engine

This was the game engine I wrote back when I was in high school/college. I wrote it from scratch in C++ with Direct3D 9

Some notable features:

  • Vehicles, including tanks and jeeps.
  • Weather effects (snow, rain)
  • Very configurable particle system
  • Terrain LOD (using a variant of GeoMipmapping) and imposters
  • Positional 3D sound
  • Custom map editor (written in C#)
  • Custom mesh file format/exporter


This is the editor for my game engine.

I wrote this in C# and DirectX 9.

Notable features:

  • Texture painting
  • Landscape sculpting tools
  • Object placement etc.


Source Code

A lyric generator using Markov chains. I used Shaquille O’Neals rap albums as a training dataset.


Source Code

A rhyming library for python. Give it a word and it will tell you what rhymes with it.

A Murder of Crows

[source code]

This is my most recent game, which I made with some friends for the August 2009 Pyweek competition.